Phone Servicing and Repairs

The death of landline infrastructure and desktop phones has been overdone in this era of cell phone hype.  It’s not that cell phones are bad; we know they come in handy on many occasions; it has to do with the nature of the landline infrastructure.  Cabled networks that connect the standard desk phone have been in development for nearly a century, and that means they are proven to be robust and dependable.  Think about what happens during an emergency or a power outage – this first utility to follow suit is typically the cell phone network.

As opposed to digital networks, landlines are analog and so rarely suffer from the disruptions common to the cell phone networks.  There are two primary reasons that cell networks suffer during power outages and emergencies.  The first reason is that most cellular systems and towers lack backup power – they are grid-dependent.  Secondly, and this is especially true during times of emergency, they get overloaded.  A landline does not require your local power grid, and the enormous infrastructure is built to manage vast volumes of traffic.

Phone Servicing

Service, Parts, and Repairs.

Moreover, landline services and their components are cheaper to replace and repair than their digital counterparts.  They also provide consistent clarity in the signal, something that cell phones still have trouble with from time to time.  Landline services cannot be hacked, they won’t drop your calls, and you don’t have to worry about whether the battery is charged or not continually.

Probably the one aspect of the analog infrastructure that is least mentioned is the cabling.  Lately, we have heard about 5G.  5G, or the 5th generation of cellular networking, is touted as being around 200 times faster than the 4th generation network.  However, that speed barely brings it up to the level of good old-fashioned cable and, what’s more, it still lacks the serviceability, device compatibility and overall data security that landlines offer.

Robust and Dependable.

Will your family or business be prepared when dangerous weather hits?  Storms routinely disrupt electrical service, and that means you can be without power for hours or maybe days, depending on your location.  Having access to a landline is still one of the best investments in safety that you can make.  Also, landline components are easy to maintain and replace, much more so that the digital technology.

The Funis Group Services the Entire Spectrum of Landline Needs.

Have a question about your landline system or just thinking about re-connecting to tried and true technology?  The professionals at the Funis Group are the professionals for which you are looking.  From cabling infrastructure and supplies to spare parts, the helpful staff at the Funis Group can provide expert and cost-effective solutions to your specific needs.

Your landline can be your lifeline and keeping it in good repair is our first order of business. Get in touch with us today; we would love to help!


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